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Assignment 1: Personal Development Activities

Nature of the Team

I am SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) and team leader of internet marketing team at my workplace. Four members in my team directly report me for their daily tasks updates. The nature of relationship among members is friendly and open along with strict official discipline thus quality of relationship of team members is healthy. Moreover, there is level of trust between TL (me) and team members and every team member can share his/her problem with either TL or Backup TL for the solution of his problem. TL maintains level of domination in team meetings and the attitude of TL maintains the avoidance approach to potential conflicts among the members. The advantage of dominant attitude by TL also reduces the symptom of frustration but does not form a rigid group norms and procedures. Moreover, the regular review of team members enables TL to adopt appropriate leadership requirements to increase the efficiency of the team members. The friendly and open working environment provides with the good communication opportunity for every team members and it further increases healthy competition environment. Healthy competition among the team members is persuaded with personal and professional development of the members. 

Personal Role and Responsibilities

Since the main task of SEO is to work on the optimization of the website through improving the rankings of SEO web pages in the Search Engine Results Pages, my role, as team leader is to monitor and evaluate the performance of the team and receive daily updates for their tasks. My main tasks involve the following: managing team, assigning daily tasks, arranging daily meetings, receiving daily tasks updates, and evaluating the team member performance on weekly basis. Besides the evaluation of team, the assessment of website is also an important part of job responsibility, includes detecting bugs on the specific website, and proposes design changes according to the marketing requirements. In detecting the web page bugs, I also have to work on the selection of relevant keywords, monitoring changes to the website in the search engines, developing strategies to increase the in-bound traffic, assessing the changes to search engines, studying, and evaluating the website competition.    

Reporting Relationships - Inwards and Outwards

The nature of reporting relationship is two folded; in first place the members report for their daily tasks to TL and BTL thus in inward reporting I am reported for my team members’ performance and in second place the flow of reporting is outwards in which I report to Assistant Manager about the team performance. Both level of reporting helps to use information about the team performance to evaluate the productivity of the employees. Get online assignment writing service 

The Operational Links with other Individuals and Departments

However, internet-marketing department has no direct link with other department yet it is linked with web content and web development departments. The link is justified by the role of quality web content and quality web development, which helps to improve the efficiency of the website and ultimately it, affects the marketing tasks of the marketing department. Thus, when a website face difficulties to get higher rank in the search engine or improving the PR, potential reasons are evaluated and detected to be removed. Similarly, poor website development can negatively affect the marketing of the website, which can result losing the client. Owing to have such strong and stable link, internet marketing department has to stay connected with those departments.   

Links with other Businesses and External Agencies

Since there is in-depth relationship between SEO task and Internet products, SEO has to be familiar with the online marketing tactics, online advertising and promotion tactics. For this purpose, they need to swap the links of specific website with other website through negotiating with online agents of the website. There is great importance of link exchange in the online marketing concerning SEO as it helps a lot to increase the traffic to website therefore online marketer stays in touch with online agencies who deals with the website through email and live chat sessions. Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN gives rank to webpage on the basis of inbound links pointing to the website and quality of the website like link popularity. Moreover, SEO also has to identify the search strategies and trace the effectiveness of new online marketing campaigns and for this purpose; he is indirectly involved with the external marketing agencies.  


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