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Application of Algebra

Different topics of Algebra covered in the course have the greatest applicability to solving the real-world problem. This may include word problem, inequality, exponents and powers, factorization, equation, complex numbers and rational functions (Angel, 2003). Word problem of Algebra is applied in solving real life problem by separating the information available, suppose, if it said that Anna has 10 apples and 10 bananas, how many fruits does she have? Through word problem, this information can be equated by assuming that total amount of fruit isx.Thus, 10+10=x is the equation that word problem helped in formulating. Similarly, exponents and powers can be applied in real life, suppose, a bank balances and loans gain interest while compounded interest is the one, which is gained subsequent to account gains the interest.  The yearly interest rate that is 4% gives interest on balance for three years. Thus, exponent shows the gains of interest on the old for many years and can be written like this: $100x1.04^3, here exponents shows three years. Get best  term paper writing service


Percentage is widely used in different occupations. The use of percentage is extensive in the professional life of loan banker, as he is always engaged in calculating the interest rate that has to be equated in percentage. I am used to dealing with clients, who are mainly interested to know the interest applied on their loan. Moreover, being shopper in mall, I mostly come across with offers saying 2% off on all products. The knowledge and understanding with the concept of percentage helps in calculating the estimation of 2% (Vossos, 2011).



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